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[Reading] ➷ Bone Rider By J. Fally – Submitasite.info Riley Cooper Is On The Run Misha Tokarev, The Love Of His Life, Turned Out To Be An Assassin For The Russian Mob, And When It Comes To Character Flaws, Riley Draws The Line At Premeditated Murder Alien Armor System McClane Is Also On The Run, For Reasons That Include Accidentally Crashing A Space Ship Into Earth And Evading U.S Military Custody A Failed Prototype, McClane Was Scheduled For Destruction Sabotaging The Ship Put An End To That, But McClane Is Dubbed A Bone Rider For Good Reason He Can T Live Without A Host Body That S Why He First Stows Away In Riley S Truck And Then In Riley Himself Their Reluctant Partnership Soon Evolves Into Something Much Powerful And Personal Than Either Of Them Could Have Imagined.Together, They Embark On A Road Trip From Hell, Made All The Exciting By The Government Troops And Mob Enforcers Hot On Their Trail Misha Is Determined To Win Riley Back And Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Him Safe When Hitman And Alien Join Forces, They Discover Their Impressive Combined Potential For Death And Destruction It Will Take Everything Riley Has To Steer Them Through The Mess They Create.

10 thoughts on “Bone Rider

  1. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    poor thing never stood a chance.keep in mind that i just finished an editing project, and my brain is typically broken for a period of days afterwards, as far as the whole reading like a normal person thing goes.so.yeah.um.this needed an editor.feel free to ignore the writerly nits and word nerd outrage that follows view spoiler there were entirely too many POVs.an abs

  2. Shelley Shelley says:

    MAJOR CRUSH ALERT Soldiers, Cowboys, Aliens and Hit men all come together to wait What Go Back Oh yes I said Aliens, sorry where you confused I suppose you would be because I never read about aliens or sci fi things I mean, I have done a couple of times but you know it s not really my thing and yet the alien was my favourite character Bone Rider is so much fun and so ve

  3. Simsala Simsala says:

    4,5 stars Sod it Even if the first part of the book made me grit my teeth single minded romance reader just wanted to get to the good stuff it gets the full five for originality and a cozy place on my favorite list.A sure fire re read WhewThat book tried my patience to snapping point, but it was so worth it I could try the squee thingy with twenty e s in bold letters an

  4. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    Okay, this gets five stars for basically dragging me through two and a half action movies worth of adventure, plus a very sweet and very weird love story, that I read straight through deep breath This book has aliens, military men, hit men, survivalists, cowboys, scientists, guns, explosions, helicopters, bigger explosions and a very sweet, occasionally hot, second chance

  5. Heller Heller says:

    I m absolutely flailing with the awesomeness of this story I would give itthan 5 stars if I could I saw the cover and title and without reading the blurb figured it for a western of some kind This is thriller sci fi all the way that s riddled with an intense manhunt from start to finish It has jumping POV s aliens, military, mobsters, cowboys but it never once seems a grat

  6. Lyn❤Loves❤Listening Lyn❤Loves❤Listening says:

    4 thrilling stars What an amazing debut novel I wish Quentin Tarantino would get his hands on this book and bring it to the big screen I would be the first on line to buy a ticket Simply put Riley is running away from his hit man boyfriend, Misha Misha loves him too much to let him go, so he is trying to track him down An alien armor system shaped as liquid metal is in need

  7. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    What s the word I want Fantastic Stupendous Expialidocious None of them will do this justice I m not sure I m up to a full review on this, so I ll stick to a few of the things I most admired about this book It is totally original The premise and the development toss every cliche out the truck window I ve never read a story like this It is a total thrill ride the plotting is

  8. Macky Macky says:

    Well Take me to your leader and probe me like you mean it that was an absolute blast 5 stars just isn t enough for this one I am on such a high now, its not true What can I add to the mix of awesome reviews that this amazeballs book is getting Oh god I don t know Just pure enthusiasm, excitement and joy I guess is a start Doing the happy alien dance First of all its got soooo

  9. M& M& says:

    Yes, I am giving this action flick 5 stars for what it is McClane T 100 Robocop alien Russian mafia Military pile up It doesn t have to be realistic And there are a few hiccups, but so what As long as there isa hunky cowboya studly Russian mafia hit man a cool gay alien armour system with a McClane crushall of whom survived the US Militaryand a surprisingly decent Russian howe

  10. Kazza Kazza says:

    and mafia and military and love.This is an action packed, romantic, weird arsed lovetriangle type of book You know, the usual No, not reallyWhat happened to you There was simply no way to make this sound anything but ridiculous, so Riley copied Misha s shrug and tried for nonchalance I got body snatched by an alien McClane grumbled a protest A sentient alien armor and weapons s

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