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[Epub] ↠ Grown Men Author Damon Suede – Submitasite.info Every Future Has Dirty Roots.Marooned In The Galactic Backwaters Of The HardCell Company, Colonist Runt Struggles To Eke Out An Existence On A Newly Terraformed Tropical Planetoid Since His Clone Wife Died On Entry, He S Been Doing The Work Of Two On His Failing Protein Farm Overworked And Undersized, Runt S Dwindling Hope Of Earning Corporate Citizenship Has Turned To Fear Of Violent Retirement When An Overdue Crate Of Provisions Crashes On His Beach, Runt Searches Frantically For A Replacement Wife Among The Tools And Food Instead He Gets Ox, A Mute Hulk Who Seems Like A Corporate Assassin Than A Simple Offworld Farmer.Shackwacky And Near Starving, Runt Has No Choice But To Work With His Silent Partner Despite His Mounting Paranoia And The Unsettling Appeal Of Ox S Genetically Altered Pheromones Ox Plays The Part Of The Gentle Giant Well, But Runt S Still Not Convinced He Hasn T Arrived With Murder In Mind.Between Brutal Desire And The Seeds Of A Relationship, Runt S Fears And Ox S Inhuman Past Collide On A Fertile World Where Hope And Love Just Might Have Room To Grow.

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  1. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    3.5 StarsDefinitely original Wholly interesting with an intriguing setup.Runt is barely getting by He s contracted with big corporate to farm a planet for future colonization With seven years of service he hopes to succeed in order to become a shareholder However, Runt is down on his luck, profitability slowly slipping through his fingers as he s

  2. Vivian Vivian says:

    Pioneer life in space.Runt has been slotted to terraform a section of a planet located on the edges of everywhere He s been alone for awhile due to a landing issue and managed to keep it together He s a bit gruff and unrefined, but likable enough Still, life is rough and lonely.That all changes with the next drop shipment Runt getsthan he bargained for, a

  3. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    I read the short Seedy Business first, which centers around something which happened to Ox one of the protagonist before we meet him in this book, even if he is just mentioned,and I still don t know if I was happy for having read it or not, so I can t give you any meaningful advice On one hand it helped me understand a little bit of Ox s mystery, but on the other

  4. Emme Emme says:

    Well, Damon Suede is now on my must read list Grown Men was exquisitely descriptive I was totally drawn into the world Suede has created it felt both highly inventive and plausible, and that doesn t always come together in works like this The world building seemed effortless.What really got me on board, though, was the use of language I love when authors create their own

  5. T.A. Webb T.A. Webb says:

    Runnan Runt is a terraformer sharecropper indentured servant corporate slave to a galactic mega corporation that transforms uninhabitable planets into new frontiers In exchange for his 7 year commitment, Runt will spend his life hammering out an existence while assisting the newly formed planet into growth At his side, his cloned mateonly she didn t make it to the planet alive,

  6. Cherie Noel Cherie Noel says:

    Another book by Damon Oh, hell yeah, sign me up now

  7. Violetta Vane Violetta Vane says:

    After reading Hot Head, I was excited to readof Damon Suede I read Seedy Business , the free short that serves as a sort of prequel to Grown Men, and I really enjoyed it, even though most of it was gross on purpose I mean, SPERM PIRATES The sense of humor and the language play were absolutely fantastic, and the cyberpunk type world it took place in was fascinating Have you ever seen that sectio

  8. Audrey Audrey says:

    Really really good sci fi m m story between a highly unlikely duo I absolutely loved Ox and his gentle giant ways Runt, who is the narrator of the story, also grew on me and was endearing in his insecurities and doubt over the motives of his oversized partner Although Ox is mute, his actions are so sweet and loving, and I just wanted to give him a huge bear hug because he was so adorable He just goes t

  9. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    Suede has set himself an impressive challenge here a two person story, with no side characters or even a single back story character, in which one cannot speak at all It s a very risky move and it repeatedly pushes the story in unexpected directions The pacing, focus, plot development, relationship are all off in the good sense of not the usual If you re a fan of undemanding reading as I am, it forces you to l

  10. Jess Jess says:

    Re Read Jan 2012I will now rate this 4.5 Stars after rereading the story I enjoyed it eventhen the first time and I didnt think that possible While I stand by my original review I can now state that this is a story that you can keep reading over again and findingto love This book is hard to review.In some ways I really love it but in other ways I thought it didnt live up to full potential I loved the world building, a

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