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[ Read ] ➳ In the Unlikely Event Author L.J. Shen – Submitasite.info Utterly breathtaking This book is a work of art Complex, intricately designed, and stunningly beautiful It s unlike anything else I ve ever read in this genre, yet so romantic and full of hope Malachy and Aurora s chemistry jumps off the page Here s what I loved From the very first time I met Mal, I was enad He s so charismatic and charming, I just want to snuggle him He s fun, carefree, and sexy Exactly what Aurora needed at that time in her life Aurora is vibrant and sweet, yet feisty A great balance to Mal s character When these two meet, sparks fly I loved loved loved the notes I m sitting here laughing just thinking about BEST DAY EVER The multiple POVs and insights into characters motivations and actions kept me entertained I love multifaceted views and ITUE is certainly abundant in those.This authors signature style of writing and storytelling is always a treasure She is so versatile and her lyrical prose is like a siren s song I cannot get enough And last but not least, Ashton I loveeeee In The Unlikely Event is unique, fresh, and an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING read It is by far one of the wittiest books L.J Shen has ever written I don t know that I ve laughed so much while reading in a very long while HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BETA READ English spanish version ITUE IS BRILLIANT, MAGIC, PURE PERFECTION , I don t have enough words to describe the magnificence of this story, it hooked me from the first words, and I WAS NOT ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN a single second, it is so entertaining that I practically inhaled the pages The plot consumed me and stole my breath, gahhh IT S KINDLE CRACK.The author brings her game A and gives us a mind blowing story, EPIC BEYOND THE WORDS The intricate storyline has her unique writing style, but it s still SO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT SHE HAS WRITTEN BEFORE, it s sooo hilarious, I laughed out loud throughout the story, but also anguish overflows every chapter, typical of L.J Shen It s witty, original, and interesting, with secrets, intrigues and unexpected events that had me with my heart in my mouth and left me speechless AMAZEBALLS Our hero Malachy is my new favorite book boyfriend, I m so obsessed with him, he is a poet singer Irish insert sigh here , oh God, he is so sweet, cocky, and soooo sexy, he will melt your panties and heart gahhh, I swooned so much with him, he owns my soul Aurora Belle, ahhhh, she is so beautiful, sassy, brave, and headstrong, she is a force to be reckoned with I love her to pieces Mal and Rory were pure delight Their explosive chemistry is instantaneous and matchless, their scenes are so steamy and sexy, wow, I swear they could burn a room, my kindle almost makes spontaneous combustion with them And their banter, OMG, is on another level.Their romance is so passionate and intense, I couldn t get enough of them Something that I loved were the different POVs, they allowed me to have a broader vision and fall in love with the story And the epilogue is the BEST EPILOGUE EVER, it warmed my heart and made me cry with happiness.L.J Shen once again creates a masterpiece that spoke to my soul and my heart I am in awe of the author s talent her words always give me life, run through my senses and hypnotize me But with ITUE she set such a high bar for new stories, I feel that she will end up ruining me for all the other authors THIS CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST GET READY FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE Versi n en espa ol Tu nueva adicci n est aqu In the Unlikely Event es brillante, m gico, pura perfecci n, me encant , no tengo suficientes palabras para describir la grandeza de esta historia, me atrap desde las primeras l neas y NO PUDE PONERLO ABAJO un solo segundo, es tan entretenido que pr cticamente inhal las p ginas Su trama me consumi y rob mi aliento, gahhh ES SIMPLEMENTE KINDLE CRACK.La autora trae su juego A y nos entrega una historia asombrosa y EPICA MAS ALLA DE LAS PALABRAS Esta intrincada trama tiene su estilo de escritura nico, pero aun as es totalmente diferente a lo que ella ha escrito antes, me hizo re r a carcajadas a traves de toda la trama, pero tambi n angustia se desborda de cada p gina, al mejor estilo L.J Shen Es ingeniosa e interesante, con secretos, intrigas e inesperados eventos que me tuvieron con el coraz n en la boca y me mantuvieron al borde del asiento durante toda la lectura.Nuestro h roe Malachy es mi nuevo novio literario, estoy tan obsesionada con l, es un poeta cantante irland s inserte suspiro aqu , oh Dios, es tan dulce, arrogante, sexy, l derretir tus bragas y tu coraz n y el ama con tanta fuerza, l definitivamente posee mi alma Rory, ahhhh es tan bella, atrevida y valiente, y amo su forma de ver la vida, enfrenta todo con coraje, me encanta.Mal y Rory fueron puro deleite Su intensa qu mica es instant nea e incomparable, alcanz niveles inimaginables, guau, juro que ellos pod an quemar una habitaci n, mi kindle casi hace combustion espont nea con sus escenas Su romance es tan apasionado, dulce e intenso No pude conseguir suficiente de ellos.Algo que me encant fueron los diferentes POVs, ellos me permitieron tener una visi n m s amplia y enamorarme m s de la historia Y el ep logo es el MEJOR EP LOGO DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS, me calent el coraz n y me hizo llorar de felicidad.L.J Shen crea una vez m s una obra maestra que le habl a mi alma y mi coraz n El talento de la autora me dej asombrada, sus palabras siempre me dan vida, recorren mis sentidos y me hipnotizan, pero con ITUE ella pone una barra tan alta para otras historias, que siento que ella terminar arruin ndome para todos los dem s autores ESTE ROMANCE CONTEMPOR NEO ES LO MEJOR DE LO MEJORPREPARATE PARA EL VIAJE DE TU VIDA LIVE EARLY FULL REVIEW 5 SHAKE MY SNOW GLOBE CROWNSSo different, and yet uniquely L.J Shen I absolutely loved this new world and characters IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT is going to shake up your snowglobe What I love most about any L.J Shen book is that her characters are flawed, maybe a bit broken or jaded from the hand they have been dealt, but what I also love about her characters is that they find love Always The love is in someone whole or some just or broken than they are But her stories show me that love is out there for everyone, and ITUE exemplifies this in so many ways Mal and Rory are everything we love about a young romance the epic, whirlwind love Through them we feel the incorruptible purity of romance and the pure innocence of love The serendipitous nature of their initial meeting has all the swoon worthy moments readers die over The Mal and Rory we meet as adults have become a bit jaded because it s life Things happen We make assumptions We cast people as villains We make excuses for those we love We make mistakes All of these things shape who we are and the futures we carve out for ourselves What is epically romantic about it all is that these two are still drawn to each other, that through the muck of life, their hearts and souls still call to each other.In the Unlikely Event, though, is something special I don t know if it is the setting or the way they meet or the fact that these two still find each other, but there is something that sits in your soul, that has you feeling bereft when you read the final line because it s over There is something unique and witty and funny and romantic that grips onto your heart and doesn t let go And as with any Shen novel, there are lasting themes that relate to the way we love the resonates in not just my heart but my mind And that is magical in and of itself.In the Unlikely Event is different It is Will you find all the signature things fans love about her books Absolutely LJ s stamp is all over this book, but it is something different in the romance world right now I know I ve never read a story like it, and I don t think I will for some time BETA read Can you please stop being so beautiful and real and alive all over my house like you own it or somethingI finished this in a day and now the bags under my eyes are Gucci A Note From Alex after reading all the notes in this book, especially the chocolate one Whenever I finish a book, Goodreads my number one cheerleader always sends me an email telling me that I have actually finished the book as if I didn t know it myself, you d think But this time when GR sent me this I felt like Goodreads just knew call it kismet that this book and I are undergoing some challenges Initially, I gave this four stars but upon looking back, I m sticking with my 3 star rating This is honestly the hardest rating I have ever had to debate Because, if I m being honest with myself I probably enjoyed this a lot but I know that I shouldn t have Here s the thing This book was fucking addicting I burned lasagna while reading this book I didn t hear the oven ding and then my lasagna burnt So in order to truly know this book s rating for me I m asking myself now What it worth burning the lasagna, Alex Was it worth having to scrape all that cheesy goodness into the bin and feel immense guilt whilst doing so Here s the dilemma During the time, yes It was very worth it Now Not so much In The Unlikely Event is something so different to what Shen normally puts out that I couldn t help but pick it up It s not really a christmas romance, but it s a winter one We follow Mal and Rory s story of love, loss and heartbreak It was comical and didn t take itself seriously at all, and I loved it even because of that It was hot, captivating and so nail bitingly, page turningly addictive that I really didn t get much sleep I loved the different narratives and I found myself laughing out loud during some moments That is also to say though, that this book is not all comedy It deals with really sensitive issues and in true LJ fashion, the angst is so unbearably thick, it s better than any soap opera or reality TV show I ve ever watched It s also safe to say, that I unfortunately can no longer look at chocolate the same way This is not a bad or a good thing Just different. The banter between Rory and Mal was probably my favourite aspect of this book Also, if there is any one romance writer that can take the same trope enemies to lovers in all her books but still manage to keep me captivated it s this one I rooted for so many different people in this book and although it drained me when I came to the end chapter, I felt like I went on a really long holidayWant to know if you love someone Watch them suffer and see how much it tears you apartBut then why do I also feel like I wasted such a great it was mediocre, I fuck up cereal on my best days , awesomely dished lasagna For one thing, it s always heartbreaking when you have to compost carbs But, for reasons suited to this review this book frustrated the fucking lights out of me Yes, we already know that Shen writes up the most problematic, toxic and dysfunctional relationships but still manages to make you hooked over wanting to know what happens I knew this going in, I came prepped for the assholes and the triggers Just to let you know, the hero in this book is manipulative, conniving and so rude for a good part of the book The heroine is also frustratingly juvenile and oblivious to so much Half the time, I wished Rory would have just demanded to understand what was going on Regardless, Rory and Mal end up being sickly cute and this book definitely amped up the steam.But I m going to lay some other things out Spoilers Ahead The relationship in this book is based on insta love This usually never works for me but I looked past it in this book The amount of miscommunication in this book could give an airline company s customer service rep a run for their fucking money If LJ Shen ever writes a book with 100% women supporting women, I might actually slip into a coma There is so much animosity between female relationships in this book that just hurt my heart immensely Something that would have been so mindblowingly unique is if the topic of loving someone whilst being in a relationship was tackled with no cheating involved It was so obvious that I actually thought that no one would cheat in this book I was so wrong. Another thing I really wished for was for Callum Rory s boyfriend not to be villainized in order to cop out of the relationship I cant stress this enough but breaking up with someone because you don t have feelings for them any is a very valid reason I wish authors didn t villainize the significant other in order to make up for the fact that they are being broken up with because suddenly if they re not the best person, then it s okay for the MC to move on and be with someone else This last one is probably the most important one There is a rape scene in this book, and I won t put this section under a hide spoiler thing because this is an important trigger warning to anyone that is going to read this book I wish it was given as a caveat in the book itself but sigh The rape scene in this book needed to be dealt with so much care and importance, rather than just being an event that occurs in the storyline Through all those problems I still soldiered on LJ Shen is really truly my biggest guilty pleasure I know that all of the tropes and aspects of her books are so fucking problematic and controversial, but I still read this like a fanatic This book is far from perfect but I swallowed it entirely. From 1 Bestseller L.J Shen Comes A New, Star Crossed Lovers Romance About Loss, Love, And Meeting The One When You Are Too Young To Know How To Keep Them Sometimes You Meet People Who Are Out Of This World, So You Make Them A Part Of Yours. A One Night Stand Born From Vengeance In A Foreign Land An Explosive Chemistry Neither Of Us Could Deny We Signed A Contract On The Back Of A Boar S Head Pub Napkin That Said If We Ever Met Again, We Would Drop Everything And Be Together Eight Years And Thousands Of Miles Later, He S Here In New York And He S America S Music Obsession The Intangible Irish Poet Who Brings Record Executives To Their Knees The Blizzard In My Perfect, Unshaken Snow Globe Last Time We Spoke, He Was A Beggar With No Intention Of Becoming A King But A King He Became, And Now I M His Servant I M Not The Same Broken Princess Malachy Doherty Put Back Together With His Callused Hands I Have A Career I Love A Boyfriend I Adore An Apartment, A Roommate, A Life I Changed He Changed, Too But Mal Kept The Napkin Question Is, Will I Keep My Word This book was so surprising, different than what I expected, better than what I expected There s something about Leigh s writing that sucks you in, and you know when you open the pages to one of her books, you re in for a wild ride 10000000% recommended. Ahhhhhh You guys Remember that time L.J Shen dropped a book promising that it was different from anything she has ever written Well that day is today and I can 100% wholeheartedly attest that this is one of her best books It is SO unlike any of her previous books but no less incredible It, without a doubt, has that PERFECT LJ touch that I die for Malachy and Aurora were nothing short of magnificent They are one of my favorite couples from this author When Aurora Rory Belle Jenkins and Malachy Doherty made a contract to marry years earlier she could never have expected that the charming young musician she met in a foreign land would make such a lasting impression on her heart and mind Fast forward eight years later and the man she remembers has turned into a cold, callous and genius musical lyricist with secrets and anything but forever on his mind.In The Unlikely Event ITUE was absolutely magical Malachy and Aurora s story was so different but it still has the unflinching honesty, raw angst, spitfire fiery banter, intelligent writing and the sexual tension and love affair we DIE for Their love was tumultuous and delicious, smothered in warmth, secrets and lies and topped with a love that can rival any Disney fairytale Read this story to end your year with a BANG 5 stars Ratula What.The.Fuck.Did.I.Just.Read.CL can t come to the review section yet, because she s dead Bai.EDITED Unique Spellbinding Whimsical. In the Unlikely Event is a seamless book beyond my comprehension The angst, pull, and giggles it drew from me will be seared into my mind forever. IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT Is a full length romance novel by L.J Shen Spoken in various POV s Meet our hero Malachy Doherty and our heroine Aurora Belle Jenkins aka Rory I went into this book completely blind, and I mean that literally, I never read the synopsis, didn t pay much notice to the cover, one look at the title and the author sealed the deal I had to have this in my life So jumping into In the unlikely event , the last thing I expected to read would be a POV from a cow Yes you read it here So expect the unexpected because L.J Shen delivers something that s never been written before This book went beyond unique It all started with a one night stand, that had the potential to be so much But they were both from different worlds with an ocean between them So they decided to make a pact that would change their lives forever We signed a contract on the back of a Boar s Head Pub napkin that said if we ever met again, we would drop everything and be together. And from this point onwards the journey jumped until they met again, both had moved on, but both still connected to the other like a soul mate should be Heart ache, deceit, hate all rolled into a big jumbled mess as we unravel the puzzle pieces that got them to where they were in present time There were so many things I loved about this book, especailly the Ireland setting, I felt like I was actually there, and so many quotes that I absolutely adored

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