Just Do You: Authenticity, Leadership, & Your Personal

Just Do You: Authenticity, Leadership, & Your Personal Do you know who you want to be as a leader There s a difference between a boss and a leader Many managers aren t ready to lead Toxic cultures, modeling bad behavior, and being unclear about values all contribute to low workplace engagement and poor results In Just Do You, Lisa King takes you on a powerful journey of self examination and self discovery to help you connect with the amazing and authentic leader within When you better understand what matters and what effective leadership means to you, then and only then are you ready to authentically lead In Just Do You, you ll find everything you need to Learn about the power of branding and see how your personal brand is viewed today Discover your True North and how your brand intersects with what matters See how to lead with authenticity and build influence Gain the tools to live, behave, and share your unique brand with the world Find your unique purpose, which is key to happinessAs you seek to understand yourself and your personal brand, a leader will emerge The lessons and exercises in Just Do You will help open your mind to think differently about leadership You ll hear stories from leaders who share what matters most to them and from followers who share what leadership qualities and behaviors resonate most As a result, you ll discover that you have the power and potential to lead inside you You can lead with authenticity by taking control of your words and actions to ensure they re in alignment with what matters to you and is a clear reflection of your personal brandAre you ready to become the kind of leader you wish you had It doesn t matter where you re starting from Because as a developing leader, you have the power it s time to make your mark, lead, and Just Do You

10 thoughts on “Just Do You: Authenticity, Leadership, & Your Personal Brand

  1. Judi Judi says:

    Practical and to the pointApproachable and relatable writing and thoughts Enjoyed the learning and the things that were re learning Recommended to anybody in the quest of continued growth.

  2. Erin Koch Erin Koch says:

    There was so much thought and research that went into this book and that truly is what sets it apart I thought I knew my personal brandand then I read this book The author really helped me to unpack who I really am and what I value and stand for and don t stand for This is a must read for every leader, entrepreneur and business owner.

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