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Mercy House PDF/EPUB Ñ Paperback A powerful debut novel of a refuge in Brooklyn for women in trouble and the one woman who will risk all to protect them In the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn stands a century old row house presided over by renegade, silver haired Sister Evelyn Gruff and indomitable on the surface, warm and wry underneath, Evelyn and her fellow sisters makes Mercy House a safe haven for the abused and abandoned Women like Lucia, who arrives in the dead of night Mei Li, the Chinese and Russian house veteran Desiree, a loud and proud prostitute Esther, a Haitian immigrant and aspiring collegiate and Katrina, knitter of lumpy scarves all of them know what it s like to be broken by menLittle daunts Evelyn, until she receives word that Bishop Robert Hawkins is coming to investigate Mercy House and the nuns, whose secret efforts to help the women in ways forbidden by the Church may be uncovered But Evelyn has secrets too, dark enough to threaten everything she has builtEvelyn will do anything to protect Mercy House and the vibrant, diverse women it serves confront gang members, challenge her beliefs, even face her past As she fights to defend all that she loves, she discovers the extraordinary power of mercy and the grace it grants, not just to those who receive it, but to those strong enough to bestow it

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  1. Meredith Meredith says:

    Compulsively Readable Mercy House is a powerful story about three nuns who run a shelter for victims of domestic violence.Nuns Sister Evelyn, Sister Josphine, and Sister Maria run Mercy House, a refuge for women who have suffered horrific physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of their partners, parents, and guardians To help these women, the three nuns act in ways that go against the teachings of the Catholic Chur

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Wow What an unconventional, soul crashing, vivid journey This is an incredible story about women s unity and solidarity for fighting against abandonment, physical and mental abuse, harm, humiliation, neglecting I enjoy the characters of this amazing house opening to their doors to those brave women sufferedthan they could stand and who are adamant to leave their painful memories and wounded pasts behind, forming great friendships

  3. Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    4 stars Informative and eye opening Heart warming and heart breaking Mercy House is a women s shelter in downtown Brooklyn run by three vivacious nuns The shelter provides a safe place for victims of domestic abuse to flee their from their dangerous situations Sister Evelyn, one of the founders of the shelter, is the main character of this story whose personality had me surprised and giggling in each chapter Her no nonsense, tell it h

  4. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Sister Evelyn runs Mercy House, a safe haven for abused women She s tough as nails for all appearances, but she has a warmth and heart of gold when it comes to women under her care Bishop Hawkins is scheduled to visit Mercy House, and the sisters are worried he may find out the extra ways they have helped the women, as in ways that are not allowed by the church Sister Evelyn is at the heart of Mercy House, and she will use all her might t

  5. Nursebookie Nursebookie says:

    Mercy House by Alena DillonWhat an amazing story and an amazing debut by Alena Dillon Jumping into this book, I was not sure I would be interested in reading about the Catholic Church and the religious cover up as part of its dark history However, I was completely wrong I loved the story of a renegade and badass nun unlike those I have had in my parochial school Sister Evelyn, our protagonist and once a nurse, runs the Mercy House, located in

  6. DJ Sakata DJ Sakata says:

    Favorite Quotes Ever since Evelyn entered the convent fifty years ago and was required to rise with the sun, she worshipped sleep like it was a false god.She d never been to Rome, she d never met the current Pontiff, and she had virtually no desire to do so Pope Benedict XVI wore red velvet capes with ermine fur trim He commissioned his own cologne, which Evelyn called Pope pourri He was chauffeured around in a Mercedes That lavish lifestyle bore

  7. Elizabeth of Silver& Elizabeth of Silver& says:

    Evelyn was never wanted Her father even bargained with God to bring his son home from the war, and he would put Evelyn in a convent Evelyn s brother did come home, and she did go to the convent.Her time in the convent wasn t pleasant Evelyn saw and endured unpleasant things.After a few years, she and a few of her fellow nuns opened a shelter in Brooklyn that housed girls suffering from domestic abuse and abandonment The red door with the angel knocke

  8. Fictionophile Fictionophile says:

    Mercy House, a women s shelter in Brooklyn, is run by three aging nuns It opens its doors to all manner of woman, regardless of religion, race, or bias It gives succor to women who have been abused, either mentally or emotionally by the very people who are supposed to love themSister Evelyn our protagonist, is sixty nine years old A nun for fifty years, she was essentially abandoned to the convent at a tender age by her Irish American family When still a

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    Mercy HouseA wrenching but hopeful story of women seeking shelter from abuse and the unconventional nun that ministers to them SUMMARYMERCY HOUSE is story about Sister Evelyn, a feisty feminist nun who runs a shelter for abused women in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn When the Vatican sends Bishop Robert Hawkins to investigate American religious sisters as part of the Apostolic Visitation, convinced they are breaking Catholic doctrine, Sister

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    4.5 Mercy house was place of refuge, a place of healing for broken girls I saw an inside glimpse of the faithful ministry of nuns They had gone through years of change and were committed to staying the course helping anyone who came to their door They were brave, determined and not perfect It was refreshing It was also brutal and unfair Life is like that isn t it Some people will think this book is about the Catholic Church, but it was about abuse to women And i

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