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Nightshade MOBI Ñ Hardcover Calla Tor Has Always Known Her Destiny After Graduating From The Mountain School, She Ll Be The Mate Of Sexy Alpha Wolf Ren Laroche And Fight With Him, Side By Side, Ruling Their Pack And Guarding Sacred Sites For The Keepers But When She Violates Her Masters Laws By Saving A Beautiful Human Boy Out For A Hike, Calla Begins To Question Her Fate, Her Existence, And The Very Essence Of The World She Has Known By Following Her Heart, She Might Lose Everything Including Her Own Life Is Forbidden Love Worth The Ultimate SacrificeA Finely Wrought Compelling Tale Of Romance And TreacheryCynthia Leitich SmithNew York Times Bestselling Author Of Eternal And Tantalize

10 thoughts on “Nightshade (Nightshade #1; Nightshade World #4)

  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Usually, as a reviewer of YA and one who attracts a relative amount of trolls, I get told often that someone as OLD as me shouldn t be reviewing YA books And at the staggeringly long lived age of 25, I might as well be on Kidney dialysis and walking around with a zimmerframe to these people Coincidentally, how do you like my tiara Usually, I ignore these people because I can easily

  2. Kogiopsis Kogiopsis says:

    This book is preposterous, degrading, and offensive to strong women everywhere.There If you disagree passionately with that statement, you will be offended by what follows.You ve been warned.Oh yeah, and spoilers ahead, because I don t really care enough about this Idiot Plot enough not to give it all away Capice Good You may proceed.The worst part of Nightshade is that I actually liked the

  3. Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Maja (The Nocturnal Library) says:

    This is undoubtedly the worst YA novel I ve read this year I suffered through about 50% of the audiobook, i.e 6 long, excruciating hours, waiting for it to start making sense, but it never did Eventually I became too annoyed to continue.Cremer rarely bothered to explain her world, but even when she did, the Keepers and Guardians made no sense to me Sink or swim is how I would describe her worldbuil

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    Ok, let s start with some general stuff first In my opinion, Nightshade was a nice and steady read I thought the world building was unique and the heroine easily likeable She s pretty, though and a little bit of a tomboy, so nothing new there, but nevertheless, I found myself liking her instantly There are actually quite a few interesting characters in this book Some were likeable and some just made my ski

  5. Torzilla Torzilla says:

    Reason s for DNF Shay s character rubbed off on me the wrong way Though I ve only read 119 pages, I did not see what made him so alluring to Calla Did not enjoy how Calla seemingly dropped everything for a random human It might have worked if Shay leftof an impact on me Did not like how the love triangle felt...

  6. Kim Kim says:

    Oh forget about it, enough already I sat through 221 pages of torment, and I ve had enough, I can t take it any.I spent months looking forward to this book I mean, come on, just look at the pretty cover The idea sounded great too What could possibly go wrong EverythingCalla is the virgin I cannot stress enough how much of a virgin she is alpha female who leads a pack of wolves, and soon she will be dropped into some kind

  7. Lyndsey Lyndsey says:

    When I first read the description for this book, I thought Here we go with the werewolves again We re werewolves We like to run We like to hunt and we like to kill vampires Thankfully, there was pretty much none of that in this book No vampires Amazing Recently I ve been in a bit a of a rut, and despite picking up some really interesting books, nothing lately has been holding my attention I find my mind wandering to other complet

  8. Bianca Bianca says:

    Spoilers I LOVED this book and would have given it five stars but seeing as she chooses Shay I decided to deduct a star, purely because I am TEAM REN I really liked Calla as a character, she was strong and determined and her own person I loved the feeling of family and loyalty between the Nightshades and even the relationships between them and the Banes Calla has grown up her whole life knowing that she will be paired up with Ren to crea

  9. Colleen Houck Colleen Houck says:

    I really liked this book I think people who like my series will most likely enjoy this one also She ends the book on a cliffhanger similar to my style and she has layered in a lot of pieces which means she s got many things yet to reveal It s exci...

  10. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    So everyone is probably going to hate me for writing this review but this is my honest to god opinion I really wanted to like Nightshade I waited so long to read this and I was dying to read it too I heard nothing but great things about this series but I really wanted the book in paperback to save money And the week the paperback came out, I immediately bought it And wellI hated it Okay no, hate is a strong word I didn t hate this book In fact, the begi

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