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Star Kingdom Boxset PDF ✓ Star Kingdom  eBook endearing characters you can t help but root for It is a time of treachery, terrorism, and tyranny in the Star Kingdom The king cannot be trusted, the galaxy is on the brink of war, and a notorious mercenary is destroying everything and everyone in his path on his quest for vengeance The Star Kingdom is in dire need of heroes What it gets is a band of misfits and underdogs A washed up bounty hunter struggling to make ends meet A genetically engineered cat woman on the run from her makers A robotics professor who gets space sick before leaving orbit A brilliant scientist who s better at punching people than talking to them As unlikely as it seems, this motley crew is the best hope for bringing peace to the galaxy But they have troubles of their own, and they ll have to fly fast to avoid being hunted down and killed A romping science fiction adventure for fans of Star Wars and Firefly, this space opera bundle includesShockwaveShip of RuinHero Code Pick up a copy and start enjoying the Star Kingdom series today

10 thoughts on “Star Kingdom Boxset

  1. Cheyanne Rash Cheyanne Rash says:

    I won this book from a Goodreads Giveaway Thank you to the author, publisher, and Goodreads

  2. Tony Parsons Tony Parsons says:

    Shockwave Star Kingdom Tiamat Station Dr Yas Peshlakai 35 roboticist Dr Professor Huang were also having an educated discussion, What was Sir Knight Daniel Friedrich Drachen Castle message to Dr Professor Dabrowski It turned out it was fro Shockwave Star Kingdom Tiamat Station Dr

  3. KP112164 KP112164 says:

    Casmir and his quirky band of space travellers will make you cheer, scream and jump up and down all the while on the edge of your seat thinking, Onepage I am new to Lindsay Buroker s work and I absolutely love this series The book while having plenty of laughs, has many moral question

  4. Keith Keith says:

    Interesting and Yet FrustratingA well written triad of the first books in this series I found the characters to be both intriguing and frustrating at the same time The storyline manages to draw the reader in, then feint and head in an unexpected direction, though ultimately ending with a m

  5. Jon Jon says:

    Fast and fun little series, chock full of dry wit, farcical one liners, and even a little slapstick humor While it s a totally different setup from Dennis E Taylor s Bobiverse series, it still has that same easy to access charm with characters brought to life with great narration.

  6. Paula Paula says:

    4.5 TBH the only reason this doesn t get five stars is because it is the same old Buroker formula While I am now totally hooked on this series, it s not really breaking a lot of ground plot wise I love the characters, the setting, the setting and character specific plot points etc, and I truly look

  7. Lorie Lorie says:

    ExcellentI thoroughly enjoyed it Great space romp, fun characters, interesting story Looking forward to the next installment Highly recommend.

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I love this guy I would love to meet our hero in person Well the person hero not the cyborg robot bestie hero Though I think the cyborg robot is a hero This was a funny and clever read and I m glad to have this set in my collection.

  9. Abbey Abbey says:

    Great fun Looking forward to the rest of the series on audio

  10. Dwreck Sib Dwreck Sib says:

    Great characters, good story line and a really fun read Just picked up book 4 after finishing this box set.

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