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Take Me Apart eBook Û Take Me  Epub / Hardcover A young archivist s obsession with her subject s mysterious death threatens to destroy her fragile grasp on sanity, in a riveting debut novel of psychological suspenseWhen the famed photographer Miranda Brand died mysteriously at the height of her career, it sent shock waves through Callinas, California Decades later, old wounds are reopened when her son, Theo, hires ex journalist Kate Aitken to create an archive of his mother s workFrom Miranda s vast maze of personal effects, Kate pieces together a portrait of a vibrant artist buckling under the pressures of ambition, motherhood, and marriage As the summer progresses, Kate navigates vicious local rumors and her growing attraction to the enigmatic Theo, all while unearthing the shocking details of Miranda s private life But Kate has secrets of her own, and when she stumbles across a diary that may finally resolve the mystery of Miranda s death, her curiosity starts to spiral into a dangerous obsessionWith breathtaking and haunting imagery, Take Me Apart paints a vivid picture of two magnetic young women, separated by years, but bonded by shared struggles Sara Sligar draws readers into a web of secrets and lies, alternating between the present and the past and revealing the truth about Miranda s death through the objects she left behind

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  1. Lala BooksandLala Lala BooksandLala says:

    Kat told me to

  2. Kat Kat says:

    i know this just came out last month but y all better not keep sleeping on this bookof a literary psychological drama than a traditional thriller, this is a book that explores the pressures of art, marriage, and motherhood it connects two women through their struggles, intertwining their lives in a way that compl

  3. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    It was not the thriller that I was looking forward to read but it s promising, effective, well written psychological drama mystery So you may be asking why I gave Switzerland treatment to this book by giving 3 stars Well, I have complex feelings about narration Some parts of the book belongs to Miranda s story deserved 4

  4. Liz Liz says:

    This book didn t start off well for me The writing grated on me At times, it bordered on cheesy and at others, came across as just plain melodramatic Kate has lost her job as a journalist in New York, the victim of sexual harassment She takes a new job in California as an archivist cataloguing the work of Miranda Brand, a famous

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    Miranda Brand was a famous artist photographer that dies mysteriously during the height of her career After her husband dies her son Theo is tasked with clearing out their estate Miranda was not one for organization and her office resembles that of a hoarder so he hires Kate Aiken to archive his mothers work While Theo is handsome he is

  6. Elle Elle says:

    I could not pull myself away from Sara Sligar s debut, Take Me Apart I probably sound like a broken record every time I laud a slow burn suspense novel like this, but it really was that good Her writing is both expressive and smart, with characters that are so distinctly human that they probably resemble actual people you know There s so many t

  7. Tammy Tammy says:

    This is a nuanced addition to the psychological thriller subgenre Don t go into it expecting a typical twisty thriller This is muchof an examination of mental health of the archivist as well as the famous, deceased artist whose life she is trying to piece together from the remnants of her life Deceit, betrayal, the subjugation of women, and motherhood

  8. Anna Luce Anna Luce says:

    DNF 50% Take Me Apartya basic.While I really dislike abandoning books halfway through, I just can t do it any So far everything about Take Me Apart is basic been there, done that a dual storyline following two women the woman in the now becomes increasingly obsessed by the dead missing older woman there is a handsome guy who might be dangerous he usually has o

  9. Dave Dave says:

    Set in the fictional Northern California town of Callinas Bolinas , near the fog shrouded edge of the continent where the cliffs drop off into the sea at Point Reyes, Take Me Apart is a psychological portrait of Kate Aitken, who is literally falling apart Once an up and coming NYC based journalist, Kate s life fell apart after she accused a superior of sexual harassme

  10. Angie Kim Angie Kim says:

    TAKE ME APART is a stunning debut In gorgeous prose, Sara Sligar creates a haunting and decidedly feminist literary thriller that explores mental illness, violence, and the nature of obsession I loved this novel so much that I blew off all my responsibilities, turned off my phone, and blistered through the whole thing in one sitting Unforgettable and thought provoking, TAKE M

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