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The Better Liar MOBI Ì The Better  PDF \ When a woman conceals her sister s death to claim their joint inheritance, her deception exposes a web of dangerous secrets in this addictive new thrillerLike most of the dead, I want to be remembered Robin Voigt is dead If Leslie had arrived at her sister s cramped Las Vegas apartment just hours earlier, this would have been their first reunion in a decade In the years since Robin ran away from home as a teenager, Leslie has stayed in New Mexico, taking care of their dying father even as she began building a family of her own But when their father passed away, Leslie received a rude awakening She and Robin would receive the inheritance he left them together or not at all Now her half of the money may be beyond her grasp And unbeknownst to anyone, even her husband, Leslie needs it desperatelyWhen she meets a charismatic young woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Robin and has every reason to leave her past behind the two make a reckless bargain Mary will impersonate Robin for a week in exchange for Robin s half of the cash But neither realizes how high the stakes will become when Mary takes a dead woman s name Even as Mary begins to suspect Leslie is hiding something, and Leslie realizes the stranger living in her house, babysitting her newborn son, and charming her husband has secrets of her own, Robin s wild, troubled legacy threatens to eclipse them bothAn electric, twisted portrait of sisterhood and the ties that bind, The Better Liar is a stunning debut with a heart stopping, twist after twist finale that will beg the question How far would you go to get what s yours

10 thoughts on “The Better Liar

  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Happy release date Finally this delicious thriller is out there to be devoured Are you ready for a mind bending, psychological, surprising new novel that full of lies, brain storming exhaustion, WTH just I read, what kind of end this themes Come on I slap the characters but instead of characters slapped me this time because I was way too na ve and lost my spider senses fo

  2. Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill says:

    I loved this book Wow All the stars for this fantastic debut This book puts the W in WTF I mean this is one twisted domestic thriller Honestly one of my favorite books I have read this year.Your sister Robin has been missing for 10 years She ran away from home when she was 16 and is now living in Las Vegas Leslie is the good sister staying with her ailing father until he pa

  3. Dita Dita says:

    Did I stay up half the night last because I was unable to put this down Yes Do I regret it Nope Would I read any book that Kim It s All About The Thrill recommends to me Yes Follow her, friend her, and follow her blogshe s awesome This book is full of twists, turns, red herrings and misdirection and even as I was able to work out the biggest one there was still so much to gas

  4. Meredith Meredith says:

    Icy Cold Game of Cat and Mouse One desperate woman lures another into impersonating her dead sister in order to receive her inheritance Leslie takes a trip to Vegas to bring her sister home to Alburquerque Sadly, she discovers her sister, Robin, is dead When she bumps into a woman named Mary who bears an uncanny resemblance to Robin, she coaxes her into coming to Alburqueue to

  5. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    NO SPOILERSThis is a great book to go in blind Names change like a revolving cake walk Leslie meets Mary in Vegas Leslie brings Mary home to Albuquerque.Mary becomes Robin Leslie s pretend sister whom she hadn t seen in 10 years until finding her dead from overdose Mary who is pretending she is Robin, still pretending to be Leslie s sister meets Billy and tells him her name is Al

  6. Holly B Holly B says:

    3.5 STARS Two sisters entangled in a web of lies and hidden agendas The debut of an author that I will surely keep an eye on An intriguing premise about estranged sisters, Leslie and Robin Their father has recently died and Leslie can t collect on the estate until she tracks down sister Robin.The first half of the book had me on the edge as Leslie hit road blocks, curves and full b

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    Alive sister Leslie Dead sister Robin Fake sister Mary They all have a voice in this story What I loved most about this book is the feeling of unease that exudes from the pages especially as there isn t really much happening at all BUT you just know that something explosive is going to happen One orof these ladies is unreliable One orof these ladies is lying It all becomes such a tan

  8. Ceecee Ceecee says:

    and the Oscar goes to Mary, for her winning performance, skilful chameleon like adoption of personas at the drop of a hat, her methods of acquiring and using information to her advantage, her resourcefulness, her survival, her mirror faced beauty, her intelligence and disingenuousness You snooze, you lose Leslie, you caught a tiger by the tail So, what s that all about Leslie s sister

  9. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Thank you, Random House Ballantine Books for the gifted copy.If you don t mind suspending disbelief a little at times, step right up to my new favorite thriller Twist after twist, after oh my gosh twist Leslie s runaway sister, Robin, is unexpectedly dead Their father has also recently passed away, and there s an inheritance but for both of them, not just one So what does Leslie do She c

  10. Felicia Felicia says:

    This story requires a ton of suspension of disbelief Luckily for me, I spend my entire life discounting reality so it was a perfect fit Despite the improbability of this story, Tanen s writing and it s remarkably novel plot make for an unputdownable read.The ending goes off the rails a bit and could have benefited from a tighter outline.With a story that is overwrought with liars, who is t

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