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Čarodějka PDF/EPUB Ñ Kindle Edition The Witch was first published in Czech by FRAGMENT, sro It is the first book of a fantasy trilogy titled Dragon Eyes, is a fresh story of the birth of a heroine or, as the case may be, a villainess A story of friendship between people and dragonsElena is a princess Her mother wants her to be a lady Her nation expects her to be a lady But Elena s brothers train to become warriors and the girl wants to learn with them Wishing to become a great fighter and craving great adventures, little does she know her life is about to turn upside downHer world is a world without magic A world where magic is hated and feared Wheels of fortune begin to turn when Elena saves a dragon cub and meets a dragon king, the red Ashrack Suddenly, great magical powers are awakened in Elena s blood Is this a gift or a curse Accompanied only by her two friends, Wilbur, a young dragon, and Michael, not really a man just yet, Elena is sent to the elves With them, she is supposed to learn how to control and, most importantly, conceal her great powers Suddenly, she finds herself in the middle of an adventure that may be far too much to handle Though just a youngster, she is drawn into a world of politics, intrigue, old prophecies and a lurking war With only her two friends to help, will she carry the burden that landed on her shoulders, or will she and perhaps the whole world along with her break under its weight

10 thoughts on “Čarodějka

  1. Ela Ela says:

    15 2 2017 DNF na str nce 128 Knihu mi doporu ila estn ctilet sest enka, kter tuhle trilogii miluje, ale j se ob v m, e nejsem schopn do st ani prvn d l.Osmilet hrdinka princezna Elena je supertalent na v echno, Anakin Skywalker hadr Je vyvolen kr lem drak , m v sob prastarou magii, kterou um sama od sebe

  2. Denisa Denisa says:

    V tom, e je hlavn hrdince pouh ch osm let, bych zas takov probl m nevid la, proto e p eci jen pr v na tom, e se jej s la probud tak brzo m b t p b h ste n postaven Ov em probl m je ten, e autorka dle m ho prost nezvl dla vytvo it Elenu tak, aby skute n odpov dala sv mu v ku Ch pu, e ji od mala na ni asi byly kla

  3. Maragad Maragad says:

    Nejd v mi chv li trvalo, ne jsem se do knihy za etla, v k hlavn hrdinky m ze za tku trochu zarazil Ale u po p r str nk ch jsem v d la, e se nem m eho b t Elena je my len m vysp lej , a kdyby se v knize jej v k tak asto nezmi oval, p i lo by mi, e je star Jako hlavn postava mi tedy ze za tku nesedla, p i la mi rozmazlen

  4. byla byla says:

    M lo to svoje kouzlo a atmosf ru, ale nebylo to pln ono M sty jsem se a nudila Sice Dra o i m ly i z bavn a tiv sti, i tak se ale ur it nezal b ka d mu.Hlavn hrdinka je princezna Elena z rodu Adragonek, Berber , elf a drak Je d t ty n rod z d vn ho proroctv a m spasit sv t To zn dost jak Sue, e Nejen zn , ona Mary Sue tak je Od

  5. Pearl Pearl says:

    Tak ja se omlouvam, ale me to nepresvedcilo. dalsi dil nejspis vynecham 2,5 5, abych byla fer.

  6. Marie Knedlová Marie Knedlová says:

    Tato kn ka je jedna z m ch obl ben ch, s hlavn hrdinkou Elenou jsem si ze za tku sedla nejen v kem, ale i vzpurn m my len m a odm t n v ech pravidel, co se j postavila do cesty Vyv jela jsem se spolu s n a pro vala jsem to, co ona Autorka knihu napsala chytlav m zp sobem, do kter ho se d lehce v t, hned po tom, co pozn te hlavn hrdinku Ze za t

  7. Michele Michele says:

    This book deserved a solid four stars if it wasn t for the consistent misspellings and incorrect word usage peppered throughout the book The story itself was enjoyable and took a lot of imagination A little editing would have gone a long way It does read like a somewhat violent YA than adult fiction as well.

  8. Karen Karen says:

    I did enjoy this tale, but was repeatedly distracted by errors in the book that were not caught, I am certain due to translation However, I am willing to forego that in order to see what happens in the next book

  9. Cathlyne Bassham Cathlyne Bassham says:

    It was hard for me to get through I like the idea of the story but the writing style was difficult for me to push through I m sure some of that has to do with the translation to English but it seemed choppy and did not have the best flow to it.

  10. Adéla Kociánová Adéla Kociánová says:

    Byla to hezk kniha ,ale stmi nudn.Ch pu ty komu se to nel bilo ,ale podle mne to m lo sv kouzlo

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