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[Epub] ↠ Tithe (Modern Faerie Tales, #1)  Author Holly Black – Submitasite.info Welcome To The Realm Of Very Scary Faeries Sixteen Year Old Kaye Is A Modern Nomad Fierce And Independent, She Travels From City To City With Her Mother S Rock Band Until An Ominous Attack Forces Kaye Back To Her Childhood Home There, Amid The Industrial, Blue Collar New Jersey Backdrop, Kaye Soon Finds Herself An Unwilling Pawn In An Ancient Power Struggle Between Two Rival Faerie Kingdoms A Struggle That Could Very Well Mean Her Death.

10 thoughts on “Tithe (Modern Faerie Tales, #1)

  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    I m going to be up front this series You will either love it or hate it Personally, I absolutely love gritty real life fantasy stories when they re written well, and I think Holly Black does the combination so much freaking justice It doesn t try too hard to be overly badass Kaye is such a great lead although I don t always

  2. Julie Kagawa Julie Kagawa says:

    Tithe is a very raw, very dark faerie tale While not suitable for younger readers lots of swearing, random torture and violence, and mature themes , I loved its take on the darker side of faerie It deals with faerie themes like Changelings and the knowing of one s True Name very well, and Roiben is probably my favorite faery hero of

  3. manda manda says:

    Ugh I don t know where to start with this one so I m gonna jump right in I didn t like it It was all just a raging bunch of WTF for me I mean, it was random My brain hurts so this isn t going to be a very coherent review.Before I go to my detailed ravings, it s best if I gave a brief overview of what this book was about It s the story of Kay

  4. Mary-Beth Mary-Beth says:

    Kaye is obviously incredibly lovely and then it turns out she s a magical fairy Sure her life is hard, but it s the fairies making it that way because she s so important that they re all out to get her Look, what I m saying is, it s like the author tried to think of all the coolest latest trends among teenagers and tried to mash them into a fairy sto

  5. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    I was warned Tithe was going to be dark To which I thought, Ooh, yes likee me please DARK BOOKS ARE GREAT Buuuut I have to admit, it wasn t THAT dark After one reads books like Red Rising and An Ember in the Ashes.ha It takes a lot to chill me BUT ANYWAY I did like Tithe even though I thought it was going to beevilly darker Obviously there are plenty of creep

  6. Amber Baker Amber Baker says:

    If I could have given it 0 stars I would have To publish this as a young adult novel is horrifying I wouldn t read past 30 pages it was too offensive and to think it was published as content for young adults is terrible It would be R rated as a movie Not only was the f word used liberally throughout the few pages I read, teens were drinking, smoking and hinting at bei

  7. Juushika Juushika says:

    As a child, Kaye had faery friends throughout her life, she has always been unusual Now, following an barfight, Kaye and her would be rock star mother return to Kaye s childhood home There, Kaye meets another faery, and discovers that her childhood friends really do exist and that she is farunusual than she ever suspected She soon falls into the middle of the power struggle be

  8. Thomas Thomas says:

    Tithe A Modern Faerie Tale is about sixteen year old Kaye Fierch, a girl who has been moving around with her single mother for her entire life At a young age she has been able to see and interact with these things called faeries, although no one believed her Then one day, she enchants a boy into falling in love with her and makes a broken, splintered horse move Soon after that event sh

  9. Natalie Natalie says:

    I ended up reading this book by accident It was recommended to my 14 year old, Gini She began the book and then brought it to me saying that she didn t feel it was appropriate for kids and that she, personally, had no interest in a heroine who consistently made such poor life choices Well I decided to read it to see what the deal was This book was recommended for kids 14 and up and Gini has rea

  10. Beatriz Beatriz says:

    Reto 29 PopSugar 2018 Un libro acerca de o ambientado en Halloween La verdad ten a altas expectativas con este libro, las que s lo se vieron cumplidas en el ltimo tercio, en que la acci n y el argumento van in crescendo hasta un final que, para m , fue absolutamente satisfactorio En retrospectiva, lo que se narra en las dos primeras partes era necesario para el desenlace, pero con un estilo que no atra

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