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!!> Reading ➽ Turbulence ➶ Author Lyn Gala – Submitasite.info Corporal Jacqs Glebov Is A Simple Soldier Who Wants A Bunk, Decent Food And The Company Of Other Battle Hardened Men And Women Who Understand The Realities Of Fighting Instead He S Stuck Patrolling A Remote Corner Of The Border With Cadets Straight Out Of Boot Camp They Don T Understand Him, And He Sure Doesn T Have An Ounce Of Respect For ThemAfter A Field Promotion, Earth Sends Commander Zeke Waters To The Candiru For Some Practical Experience In A Leadership Role Instead, Zeke Falls In Lust With The Adamantly Heterosexual Jacqs The Way Jacqs Fights And The Way He Sees The World Draws Zeke Closer, Even If Common Sense Tells Him To Walk AwayEven If They Can Find A Way To Reconcile Their Sexual Differences, They Are Both Still Soldiers The War Will Eventually Take Them Away From Each Other Unless They Can Find A Way To Escape The Rules That Have Defined Their Lives

10 thoughts on “Turbulence

  1. Xing Xing says:

    Rating 4.5 starsJac short for Jacqs, because I keep wanting to type Jaques is a 38 year old, ex front line soldier To say it bluntly, his life sucks All he s known is being a soldier in a war of humanity against the batfaces And it was only one incident of many that caused him to be a gunner for a tin can in space, where he is working wit

  2. Gigi Gigi says:

    4.5 starsI don t normally read SciFic M M romances, but I love Lyn Gala and the reviews for this one are great.Zeke and Jacqs have a volatile and passionate relationship that eventually turns to love The sex was smoking hot Before Jacqs could figure out what he wanted to do, Zeke slammed into him, and then they both crashed into the wall His first

  3. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    Wow Oh, wow.I didn t intend to write a review for this book I was just going to link my review to Xing s and call it a day.But then I read someHere we have Jacqs Jacqs is unapologetically gruff and honest to a fault He has pretty much alienated everyone around him with his rude behavior and stand offishness I made a new word What makes him so amazing is th

  4. Ingie Ingie says:

    3 weak Stars a sci fi adventure with twists and turns both praise and criticism from me intensely hot and fun in parts but overall a bit boringThe free short sci fiThe Only Way Out Is Innovella continues directly into this book and represents approximately 40% or up to chapter 16 view spoiler You don t need to read the shortie if you start to read this full length

  5. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    Meh Took me a long time to get into it I wasn t crazy about Jacqs though he did grow on me The story took A LOT of time to quantify various sexualities that I found tedious Why does everything have to have a specific and precise label I did getinterested as the story progressed I think, essentially, it wassci fy than I was anticipating, but I can t say I didn t enjoy their

  6. Kat Kat says:

    Turbulence came together in an interesting way It started out as Firefly fan fiction, when a fantastic someone requested a story about Joss Whedon s Firefly crew member Jayne during the Love Has No Boundaries event for the M M Romance Group on Goodreads Lyn Gala took the prompt and turned it into what would become my favorite story of this year s event The Only Way In Is Out 100 pag

  7. SheReadsALot SheReadsALot says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be really good I have a feeling this is going to be really good

  8. Vivian Vivian says:

    3.5 starsJacqs, brusque speech and a bristling demeanor get him intotrouble than he deserves First impressions are not his friend, and silver tongued he s not While you re at it toss out PC, plays well with others and gives a shit He truly is a man of action One of these days he had to learn how to schedule trouble for the last day of leave instead of the first Zeke, a hero and recruitment poster dre

  9. Ula& Ula& says:

    Overall book rating 4.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 3.5It s all be said in a great many wonderful reviews But I have to confirm that taking so long to get around to reading this was a loss on my part.I m happy to say that I rectified that, and that I loved every moment of the journey.Jacqs is something else Not at all your average guy He has a unique way of thinking and it makes him a real special character Lots

  10. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    This is a fun, absorbing, very accessible SciFi story, with enough thought in the setting and world building to be plausible and interesting, but not so much that it demands close attention or detracts from the human story The charm of the book is definitely in its POV character, Jacqs, who is unusual, memorable and worth spending time with.Jacqs is an experienced soldier, a big man and a fighter, with a very straight

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